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Teddie Joe Snodgrass, MBA, APRN-Rx (c)
Family Practice Services


Teddie Joe Snodgrass, Inc.
Waipahu, Hawai'i 96797

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From: Teddie Joe Snodgrass, MBA, APRN-Rx (c)
Re: Traveling Family Practitioner Services For Hire

Dear Future Client or Patient,

For those of you that do not already know me, my name is Teddie (Joe) Snodgrass. Most of my close friends do call me Joe and please feel free to do the same.

At the present, I reside in Hawaii and I'm currently working as a Registered Nurse for the United States Army, Castle Medical Center and do private individualized work as well.

Basic Background

I was born in Southwest Virginia in early 1955. I often tell people, as a joke, that I started my traveling career at a very early age when my very first traveling adventure took place at age 6 (1961) and landed me in Brooklyn, New York to live with my mother.

There, I did attend Public School 140 for a couple of years before returning back to Virginia to live with my Grandmother.

Many of my summers were spent with my Aunt & Uncle on my mothers side in Chattanooga, Tennessee. My uncle was a Union Organizer that required him to travel extensively throughout the south and I use to love to tag along to see new places and meet new faces.

Many of my uncles clients, I remember, were nurses. I still remember those days when we would drive for 400 miles, have a one hour meeting in some clinic, and then start our return trip back toward Chattanooga.

As I was heading into my high school years, I did favor math and other sciences. Another Aunt on my fathers side was a Registered Nurse, and I remember looking up to her many times because she always knew what to do when someone became ill.

At the end of my high school years, I did head back to Brooklyn again. There my Step Father, Frankie (Hotdogs) Germano (a.k.a Porky's Germano by Jake LaMata, Rocky Marciano and other professional fighters), got me a job as an Assistant Manager of Automotive Supply Warehouse that was home-based in Pennsylvania. I stayed in New York until I was 21 at which time I returned to Virginia for a few months before entering the United Stated Air Force.

Immediately upon entering the Air Force, I returned back to school. I started back into the science field again concentrating in biology, chemistry, math, and a new thing that was hitting the scene in the 1970's - computer science. At the time I was directing my attention mostly toward the medical field.

Call it luck, fait, or whatever....but, somehow the United States Air Force placed me into the Information Systems field and I starting working on mainframes writing programs and training personnel at the base level at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, North Carolina.

Very quickly I was pulled into the Strategic Air Command at Offutt Air Force Base in Omaha, Nebraska for three years to work with new computer systems that required a Top Secret clearance.

Still going to school nearly every night pursuing my degrees, and working full-time, I was then given the privilege of working with some of the best systems personnel in the world and was assigned to Headquarters Air Force at Randolph Air Force Base, Texas for over four years.

By this time, in 1985 I had ascertained my first degree from the Community College of the Air Force in Resource Management. It was ok, but still I desired more. So, I continued to plug along at my educational endeavors.

After spending over 4 years at Randolph, I headed into Korea for a year to run a computer system at Osan Air Base for a year. I remember those working days at Osan being very rough and I took a year off from school during that period of time from July 1986 through July 1987.

From 1987 to the later part of 1989 the Tactical Air Command had drafted me to Moody Air Force Base, Georgia to test a new $650 million dollar system the Air Force was planning on implementing world-wide. While assigned at Moody, I was able to obtain my Bachelor Degree in Management from Valdosta State College in 1988; at present, Valdosta State College has changed their name to Valdosta State University.

Still not what I was seeking and with a burning desire to do better, I continued my studies further for a Masters degree. After departing Georgia, I was assigned to Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho to bring up the system we had been testing at Moody. While assigned at Mountain Home I was afforded the opportunity to go to school full-time to seek my Masters degree. In April 1991, I received my Masters Business Administration (MBA) in Management from Golden Gate University in San Francisco, California.

In July 1992, I departed the Air Force with over sixteen years active duty time. I took a break for a few months and started back to school this time directly into a Nursing Program. It was very difficult, during my Air Force career, to concentrate within the medical field simply because most educational programs offered at most Air Force Bases were all business and management type courses as you may of guessed from my previous degrees rendered.

After obtaining my degree in Nursing, I started working on a Cardiothoracic Surgery Progressive Care Unit doing open hearts and working with cardiac catheterization patients.

At that time I was a staff member with a major hospital in Virginia and lived over 150 miles away from the hospital. They would put me up in a nearby hotel from Friday - Monday every weekend. After a year of living in a hotel, it became very old, very quickly. I attempted to negotiate an apartment or other accommodations, but for some technical reason, the hospital would not do it - which never made sense to me whatsoever. They would pay for a hotel every weekend, but would not pay for an apartment or other accommodations which would have been considerably cheaper.

So, after a year, I started my travel nursing career. I worked at several hospitals in South Carolina working with Cardiac and Renal patients. Landed in Hawaii working with Cardiac patients and Renal transplants.

Back to a hospital in North Carolina in Critical Care Services. From there, I landed at Duke University for nearly two years doing Heart and Lung Transplants in addition to the regular open hearts and cardiac catheterizations.

Before leaving Duke University, I did work the pulmonary floor for several months with ventilators and patients requiring continuous Flolan infusions for their illnesses. Still keeping up with my studies, I received a Masters Of Science in Nursing from Concordia College and University in 2004 in an online program.

After leaving the walls of Duke University itself, I moved out the front door and across the street to the Durham Veterans Affairs Medical Center. There I was assigned as charge nurse for a Medical Surgery Ward. It was basically a catch all floor of all kinds of surgery's. Mostly orthopedics, but ever now and then I would catch a Cardiac patient to work with.

The nice thing about working for the Veterans Affairs in Durham was I was working with some of the same doctors I worked with at Duke University.  In addition, I was given my 16+ years Air Force time back for retirement purposes with the Federal Government.

So, after working for the VA for about a year in Durham, I transferred to the Department Of Defense in Hawaii. I'm currently assigned to the Critical Care Services Area and perform as charge nurse in this area.

I also moonlight for private individuals and hospitals throughout the Island of O'ahu. A lot of times when I moonlight, I work various Emergency Departments at local hospitals. If I'm not there I'll be monitoring Cardiac patients somewhere either within an Intensive Care Unit or Telemetry Unit. 

I do hire myself out to private individuals more and more these days due to my upcoming retirement in the near future with the Federal Government.

I will, and do travel for patients and or families to meet private needs. I do ask and require my clients to pay all expenses in advance including travel and lodging which I book myself. My time is hired out normally at $150 per hour but not less than $1000 per day for 8 hours.

Depending on the length of an assignment and the location involved, pricing may be adjusted on a case by case basis.

SPECIAL NOTICE: Services are only available from 8:00 PM through 8:00 AM (Night Shift Only)

For serious inquiries and more information, feel free to call me at one of my above numbers or click here. My Toll Free Voice Messaging System can be dialed at: 1-888-889-4579. Please leave a message and I'll get back with you as soon as I can. These messages are delivered directly to my Lap Top and it may take a few hours to return your call depending on what I'm involved with at the time.

Also, please be advised of the Hawaiian time difference of 6 hours from the Eastern Time Zone, 5 hours Central, 4 Hours Mountain and 3 hours Pacific. I will not call you back until a decent hour your time, unless you specifically request otherwise.

For my medical resume click here. To visit my personal website click http://www.TeddieJoeSnodgrass.com . From here you can link to many of my other websites (over 200) that I maintain as a hobby to keep my Air Force systems training alive to some extent and my programming skills sharpened as much as my time will allow.

Building websites is a hobby I enjoy doing when I have the time. Plus, the revenue from these websites are not bad for a hobby.

Teddie Joe Snodgrass
Have Practitioner - Will Travel


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